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Meet Alexandra Szép she is the Head Barista at Caffé Amadeus and also our In-House Trainer and Manager.

Alex was 14 years old when Caffé Amadeus opened its doors in July 2007. She quickly found her passion for the coffee industry as well as Caffé Amadeus! Since she was 14 yrs old she has competed to date a total of 8 times in the World Latte Art Championships, placing in the Top 4 several times.


Alex was inspired by many people in the industry but her biggest inspirations are her parents the owners of Caffé Amadeus.


I really enjoy my job everyday!! It's great to come to work and have a purpose and a passion for what I do. There is so much more to coffee than people know and I enjoy sharing my passion with our customers and my staff. My biggest dream is to go to a coffee farm anywhere in the world and see all the hard work that goes into coffee before I even get to touch it!!
 When I'm not working at Caffe Amadeus I really enjoy music!! Music is such a great way to get inspiration and to keep myself motived. There are a couple of musicians who I am absolutely obsessed with!! The links for their websites are below and I hope you check them out!

David Garrett:

Caro Emerald:


Since I am so passionate about Caffé Amadeus, musicians who are passionate about their music really inspire me. All three of the musicians above are truly amazing performers! Below are some really cool clips of them. Enjoy!

I had the pleasure of meeting Patrizio!
His concert was amazing and he was a very nice guy. 
I will also mention that this handsome Italian singer spoke Hungarian with me!








 14 years old.