Amadeus, Amadeus, Rock Me Amadeus!

Somlói Galuska!

From the wine town of Somló, comes a real Hungarian treat! Made from 3 layers of cake, (vanilla, walnut, & cocoa), vanilla custard, apricot preserves, crunchy walnuts, a rum-chocolate sauce, and lightly sweetened whipped cream.  Stop in and taste these rich, delicious, sweet Hungarian cake dumplings for yourself (while they last!)!


David Brenner

We at Caffé Amadeus are sad to learn of the passing of comedian David Brenner (1936 – 2014).  He is the reason we came to Indiana, Pa.   In 1981, a friend of mine was attending IUP and told me that David Brenner was doing a show on campus.   We all loved Brenner from his appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, so there was no way I was going to miss seeing him live!  That night was my only time coming to Indiana until 2005 when we were looking for a place to open the café.  I had to do a search, in fact, for how to get here! 

David Brenner was a funny man, but also a good man.  He will be greatly missed.  If you are too young to know him, do a search! 

God needed a laugh today!



Kuglof after kuglof after kuglof after kuglof...

Soon you will notice some changes such as a new number for ordering pastries and an increased presence on Facebook.  We'll change the web pages a little as well.  Thanks to all of you who have been ordering, we need get a new line for ordering!  Until that time, please continue to call 724-349-0540 (the café phone).  The kuglof has such a rich central-european history that most of our calls are from people with that background - from all around the country.  The photo below shows four kuglof that went out in one day!  - Now you see why we need a new line!


Another one goes out!
We have been getting a lot of calls from good people who know their kuglof!  This morning, we shipped to Mesquite, Texas!  We are always happy to bake for you, no matter where you live.  It's funny because we don't really advertise that fact; people just look at our website and they just gotta have it!!!  We must advise that we don't ship creamy pastries, only ones that can make the trip!  Thanks to all of you who have been calling and to those of you who will!
After 6 years, a Sign!
and a little one for the people on the sidewalk...
Our family at Amadeus wishes to thank all of our customers over these past 6 years for your support.  It made these signs possible - as well as everything else!  The signs are a statement from us to you, that we are not going anywhere!  Thank you, once again!!!


Bociszelet is Moovelous!!!





Yes, we actually move this fast to be able to keep up!  Raspberry Yogurt Torte - beautiful color using only yummy raspberries!!!
Panama Torte - 100 years & counting!
Celebrate, with us, a century of a great recipe!
Kinder Pie, my-oh-my!

If you're ready, come and get it!


A Dios Torta that went to a happy home!

Could the next one be yours?  Order one, we'll bake it especially for you, ready for you to pick-up!


Doing a little Dobos!

and still dunking!!!
And so were Walnut Crescent Cookies from Pozsony!!!
Some recent Diós Torta Made with love!
 We did these Imperial Russian Tea Cakes and they are just sooo good, we just had to to show you!!!



Moving!                &           Shaking!

Caffé Amadeus Roast & Brew (& Pastry, & Panini with Pickles, & Love, & Peace, & let's not forget Mozart!)


 Young Folks!

 “And we (DO) care about the young folks…”      (click on the title for the rest of the story!)

 This is an article that is in currently in the Barista Magazine Blog! Sarah Allen is editor of Barista Magazine and also one of the judges in the World Latte Art Competition!!! It has been Alex's dream to be in Barista Magazine for years and now she finally got that chance!!  Enjoy 



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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our special customers who support us every day! We promise to do our very best in our efforts to bring you the very best we have to offer!



WiFi!  (With a Purchase)   We offer free WiFi, (sort of free anyway!), with a purchase.  Just ask your barista for the password.  Your purchase helps to pay the internet bill, not to mention all the others! Thank you very much!


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